Robinson Falls – An Ohio Gem

The Hocking Hills area is a constant source of comfort and relaxation for me along with being a quick get-away from home. Oh, the waterfalls!

My sister has mentioned several times that when winter would arrive she used to be able to count on my staying home or at least knew I would stay local. I’ve been a Florida girl at heart in terms of the weather. Plus, I have a wood burning fireplace that I put to good use in the winter. No longer. I’ve become more used to layering up and have invested so much time as a nature photographer, winter’s arrival and seeing snow is just one more opportunity to experience something a little different. This morning I was off to one of my favorite falls in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. I felt like a teenager again, going to play in the snow! Visiting the site was also a reminder of my oldest daughter Erin who currently lives in Arizona. If there was ever a waterfall we visited while she was growing up, she was drawn to it like a magnet and wanted a selfie.

Since I’d already been approved for a permit for this particular preserve almost two weeks ago, I was super excited about making the trip. Two things though… there was no real snow accumulation at Robinson Falls (aka Corkscrew Falls in Boch Hollow Nature Preserve) today. Some areas just a bit down the road from this spot seemed to have a lot more! Also, I was surprised to see a roped off trail letting visitors know exactly where they can and cannot go, with a more limited viewing area than I’ve noticed in the past.

Robinson Falls

I stayed for quite awhile trying to work different angles and views of the falls and this image turned out to be one of my favorites from the day between the verticals and horizontal views. My settings on the shot were F11, ISO 100, 67mm, 1.3 sec. In addition I  used a circular polarizer to be able to slow down the shutter speed and negate some of the shine off the rocks. Underexposing slightly helps to keep the water from being blown out as far as the highlights.  One ultimate goal in taking waterfall shots is to be able to show some texture in the water flow. If you are curious about how I edit, I process my images in Lightroom CC which makes editing consistent and relatively easy.

Robinson Falls New Image

Or maybe I like this angle better? I typically tend to zoom in my shots so it was fun to try a different perspective this time around to give more of an idea about the surroundings. On the image below I also changed my editing of the shot to be slightly different in terms of tint. My goal on taking this shot was to include some foreground elements for balance.

Robinson Falls update-2

The power of the flow of water due to recent rainfall was evident.

Robinson Falls video from Kathryn Cubert on Vimeo.

Gotta have curves! This is the road headed back into Logan. If you go to the falls people seem to fly down the road and the location is across the street from the limited parking area. Also, it’s a fairly steep climb down to the site.

The road less traveled

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a lot more snow than we received this time around! Until the next adventure…

If you’d like to go sometime as well you can obtain a permit application by going to this site

In Search of Dickcissels

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The mix of my hometown of Chillicothe, little birds in feathered tuxedo like attire and a heavenly spot with reestablished prairie and protected earthworks – how can one not go to such a place? It’s a win-win scenario.


Photographing Birds

Thanks for joining me! A short while ago I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer to write an article about bird photography which is my passion in life. I agonized for days. I changed the photos I added and what I wrote several times, but in the end I think the article reflects … Continue reading Year of the Bird

Thank you for joining me on my initial blog related to nature photography!

A short while ago I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer to write an article about bird photography which is my passion in life. Much appreciation goes to Donna Winters for reaching out to me to write for Westbridge Camera Club’s newly launched magazine and all the work she did on the layout (including adding quotes) with the article and pictures I supplied. In preparing the article, I agonized over what I would write for several days. I changed the photos I added and what I wrote several times, but in the end I think the article entirely reflects my life at this moment. If there’s anything I love to photograph, it’s birds! This year has been a huge celebration of sorts as a number of organizations such as Audubon and National Geographic celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Act. I hope you’re able to get out and shoot some images of our avian friends soon.

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